God Save The Queen

Banksy Jubilee, PoundlandI’ve been offline for a while now and thought that I’d better get back in the swing of things.

Returning home to a big edit of the Hong Kong work, a last minute shoot, school half-term and then all the excitement of the Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee holiday meant that time just seemed to fly.

The above graffiti appeared just before the Jubiliee weekend in the most incongruous of places – the side of my local Poundland. Thought to be the latest by Banksy, it quickly got covered with protective acrylic and there’s even a handwritten sign giving directions at the nearby tube station.

Cutler & Gross VintageHarrods Jubilee windowI’ve been putting off getting my eyes re-tested for ages, but luckily I built it into a trip into town for some appointments. Also, it’s nice to go somewhere more upmarket than Specsavers. I remember the first time I got my eyes tested at Cutler & Gross, it was by Mr Gross himself – v charming. C&G Vintage had a great little window display with their iconic frames like the Hockney ones above.

Quite understated and classy unlike Harrods around the corner which was completely over the top with its ‘visual merchandising’. Not only that, I happened to be there at noon and they started blaring out the national anthem at full blast from outside speakers.

Anyway, while the Diamond Jubilee was part of modern history I’m glad that its now over.

I’ll just have to do a big catch up on my Hong Kong trip now…


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