A la recherche du temps perdu

A much belated paean to film.

It’s almost Halloween, with the summer holidays a distant speck away. Faint, though memorable, like a drifting scent on the breeze or the lingering finish of a fine wine.

Holidays are all about a break from the routine, and so it was a fitting opportunity to reawaken a long-lost love affair with film.

Back in the day it was all about 120 medium format. My weapon of choice was a Hasselblad 503CW. Streamlined Swedish design, over engineered manufacturing. Constructed with watch-like precision and the durability of a tank. Made to last, and cost a fortune.

Paired with my Hasselblad were my favourite film flavours – Ektachrome 100G, Portra 160, and APX100/400

Nowadays, it’s the Canikon DSLR hegemony, Lightroom/Capture One workflow, FTP upload. It’s the economy, stupid. No longer do clients want to pay or wait for film and processing, and digital is just so damn convenient, flexible and high quality. What’s not to like?

I guess I’m just showing my age, but I miss all that ‘hassle’, just like vinyl nerds geek out about album sleeves and turntable platters. There’s a ritualistic routine that brings with it a certain tactile joy.

Loading up that first film back, setting aperture and speed, and clunking out those first few frames was definitely Proustian. It was what holidays are meant for.

Is film ‘better’ than digital? Maybe not, just different. But the images certainly have a very different ‘feel’ to them. It’s great to have you back, baby.

Herewith, some random frames from our holiday in Gorran Haven, Cornwall.


London’s burning…

A bit behind on this, but in the latest issue of KFH Completely London magazine is a feature I shot on three of London’s hottest chefs who aren’t afraid to use flame, smoke and spicy heat to light up their dishes.

A whistle-stop round of portraits featuring Ben Tish of Ember Yard, Scott Hallsworth of Kurobuta, and Tom Sellers of Restaurant Story

Fire in the hold – enjoy!

I coulda been a contender

Fresh tuna auction, Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Japan

Fresh tuna auction, Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Japan

I was a tad disappointed not to make the finalists of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2014.

But anyway, I made the shortlist with a ‘commended’ in the Food For Sale section for this image of the fresh (as opposed to frozen) tuna auction at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

Fresh tuna command a premium over their frozen counterpart and sell for upwards of US$10,000 each.

Check out the shortlisted entries. What great company to be in.

Here’s to next year…

Fishy business

It’s always a pleasure to shoot at The Capital Hotel where everyone’s so friendly and the atmosphere calm and collected.

And definitely no fishy business going on in the kitchen of Outlaw’s at The Capital where they get the most amazing seafood fresh up from Cornwall.

Pete Biggs is head chef, but I was lucky enough to catch up with Nathan Outlaw on one of his days up from Cornwall.

Lemon sole, crab, asparagus at Nathan Outlaw's at The Capital HotelLemon sole, crab, asparagus

Cod, hazelnut crust, mushrooms at Nathan Outlaw's at The Capital HotelCod, hazelnut crust, mushrooms

¡Comer con gusto!

Changes are afoot on Old Brompton Road. Established favourite modern Spanish, Cambio de Tercio is working to update its website etc and is photographing some new food imagery.

Do yourself a favour and book a table with Abel Lusa and sample the wonders of Chef Alberto Criado.

More to follow in the coming weeks…

Cambio de Tercio_MG_0417-BWCambioDeTercio-0133_MG_0125-BW

Room with a view 2

Heron Tower panoramaIt’s just a quick and dirty stitched panorama, but you get idea of the amazing view from the terrace of the new restaurant, Sushisamba on the 38th floor of Heron Tower on Broadgate near Liverpool Street station.

So get one of their tasty cocktails down you, enjoy the sunset and then tuck into some damn fine Japanese-South American fusion cuisine.