Gone fishing…

Gorran Haven, CornwallGorran Haven, CornwallGorran Haven, CornwallAnother long hiatus I’m afraid.

August was mostly taken up with a two week shoot in Paris. So busy in fact that I didn’t have time to do a single post about the city, so I’ll have to remedy that with a catch-up later.

Now it’s time for some R&R downtime with the family. We’re in an idyllic little seaside village called Gorran Haven on the south coast of Cornwall. Unfortunately, it’s just for a week – a restaurant and a food shoot coming up, and also the start of the new school term.



Gloves on

The Photographers' GalleryThe Photographers' GalleryThe Photographers' GalleryI was in town the other day for a meeting and decided to stop by The Photographers’ Gallery to take a look at the Deutsche Börse Prize nominees. The two standouts for me were the powerful Pieter Hugo and the poetic Rinko Kawauchi.

However, the big surprise of my visit was the setting up of a reading room with rare Japanese photobooks. You have to put on white cotton gloves, but then you can take a seat and just take your time. I was in a bit of a rush, but I’ll definitely allow for a leisurely browse next time.

The printed page is still a much revered medium for photography in Japan and the exhibition aims to explain its enduring power. Contemporary Japanese Photobooks