Cheer for a jaded palate

MichaelNadraNW1-0497MichaelNadraNW1-0468MichaelNadraNW1-0780New Year is a distant memory, spring still seems too far off, so give yourself a joyful pick-up with a great meal.

Michael Nadra’s latest venture in Primrose Hill (he of Chiswick fame) recently got me in for some food and interiors photography.

In these austere times, he’s got some great deals on at the moment – three-course prix fixe for £18, and six-course tasting menu for £49.

Go check out Michael Nadra Primrose Hill


Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂

IMG_0296A couple of weeks ago, on a recent trip to Mumbai, I noticed this improbable culinary mash-up. How appropriate…


Get on the caravan

Recently published in olive magazine, a recipe feature from the charming people at Caravan, King’s Cross on the Central St Martin’s campus.Caravan1Caravan2Caravan3Caravan4Caravan_Entertain-0159As well as serving up great food, Caravan are also passionate coffee roasters, and carry a small selection of interesting blends and single estates as well as the odd gadget or two for coffee-making nerds.

A recent trip to Mumbai (more on that soon) and the purchase of some peaberry beans from Philips Coffee & Tea has got me all fired up about coffee again. At the moment I’m contemplating a ceramic burr hand-grinder, and a tall Porlex is favourite at the moment.


Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

GW_BlackForest-0400Back in the day of my German O-Level, the word had such a lyrical rhythm to it, as well as being a damn fine cake.

I was recently in the German town of Triberg im Schwartz to photograph a story on the eponymous cake for GermanWings, the magazine of the budget offshoot of Lufthansa.

In contrast to the somewhat chaotic response to snowfall in Britain, in typically German efficiency all the main roads were clear and rental cars fitted with winter tyres.

‘Alles muss in Ordnung sein.’