Fishy business

It’s always a pleasure to shoot at The Capital Hotel where everyone’s so friendly and the atmosphere calm and collected.

And definitely no fishy business going on in the kitchen of Outlaw’s at The Capital where they get the most amazing seafood fresh up from Cornwall.

Pete Biggs is head chef, but I was lucky enough to catch up with Nathan Outlaw on one of his days up from Cornwall.

Lemon sole, crab, asparagus at Nathan Outlaw's at The Capital HotelLemon sole, crab, asparagus

Cod, hazelnut crust, mushrooms at Nathan Outlaw's at The Capital HotelCod, hazelnut crust, mushrooms


Top Chef

At the weekend I was working on a stills and motion shoot at The Capital Hotel restaurant. Last week,The Capital was hosting Athinagoras Kostakos, from the acclaimed Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge on Mykonos as guest chef at the restaurant. He recently won the Greek version of the US reality TV series, Top Chef, and brings a modern flair to local Greek flavours.

Athinagoras was a charming guy and I found his kitchen relaxed and easy-going. Things I found out about him – he’s a big softy when it comes to his pet bulldog, and he sports a distinctive knife and fork tat on the outside of his right forearm, with ‘apprenti cusine’ on the inside.

The owner of The Capital, David Levin has championed the hotel restaurant since it opened, long before Ramsey et al came on the scene and boasts a roll call of past chefs including Richard Shepherd, Brian Turner, Gary Rhodes, and Paul Merrett.

It’s a family affair


Last week I was shooting bedroom interiors and portraits at The Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge.

It’s a charming classic hotel in miniature on Basil Street with Harvey Nichols and Harrods both just a few minutes walk away.

The Capital prides itself on it’s warm service coupled with personal attention to detail. This is spearheaded by the concierge services led by Clive Smith, pictured. For all his five star charm, I would never have him down as an inveterate gigger. He’s off to see Florence and the Machine at Ally Pally next month, and is still raving about the one-off reunion of punk veterans X-Ray Spex at the Roundhouse a couple of years ago.

The hotel was opened in 1971 by the owner, David Levin whose youngest daughter, Kate is now General Manager. In the rear lobby there’s a fascinating gallery of photos dating back to the Seventies which depict the heady times of its early days.