I scream for ice cream

Better late than never, it seems like summer has finally hit London.  For this week at least…

So it’s a good opportunity to post about a recent shoot I did for Metropolitan, the ‘in-flight’ magazine for Eurostar. The photos were for a feature on ice cream flavours that embody the theme ‘metropolitan’.

The locations they chose were Gelupo (classic Italian with a twist), William Curley (England meets France), Chin Chin Lab (madcap nitro ice cream innovators), and The Modern Pantry (fine contemporary fusion).

Metro_LDN_Ice_GLP-0002Metro_LDN_Ice_GLP-0018Kiwi, gin & elderflower sorbet at Gelupo

Metro_LDN_Ice_WC-0003Metro_LDN_Ice_WC-0016Apricot fromage frais ice cream, with an apricot and lemon thyme sauce at William Curley

Metro_LDN_Ice_CCL-0023Metro_LDN_Ice_CCL-0009‘A Cup of Tea & A French Fancy’ at Chin Chin Lab

Metro_LDN_Ice_MP-0032Metro_LDN_Ice_MP-0005Chocolate sorbet, with blackcurrant and Broadside ale ripple at The Modern Pantry


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