Bombay Bootcamp Part 1

Back in late January, I was fortunate to travel to Mumbai with the v charming guys of Dishoom on a press trip arranged by PR angel, Gemma Bell for journalists from Conde Nast Traveller, olive, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

It’s pretty much set the benchmark that will be hard to beat. Ever.

IMG_0019With my travel budgets normally restricted to cattle class, it was an absolute luxury to have Club Class seats courtesy of BA. Probably only bested by a trip to France in a Learjet with Renault. The irony being that on arrival in Mumbai, everyone had to get off the plane onto a rickety bus to the terminal building.

The flight landed about 1am, but with snail’s pace immigration and building work for the new airport holding up the already gridlocked traffic, we didn’t check into the hotel (Taj Mahal Palace) until around 3am.

Still, I was eager to get up early to check things out on my first visit to Mumbai. Further posts to follow…



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