In tents dispute

HSBC headquarters, Hong KongHSBC headquarters, Hong KongWhen I’m in Hong Kong I always make a point of getting some cash out from the ATMs at HSBC’s headquaters in Central. The Norman Foster-designed building is an iconic landmark and, when completed in 1985, was reputed to have been the world’s most expensive building.

So the other day I was gobsmacked to see what looked like tent city in residence underneath the building. Was this ‘Occupy Hong Kong’ just like Wall Street and The City? Surely not in Hong Kong of all places?

In fact it was a protest at against a court judgement in the favour of HSBC in a complicated legal case involving the mother of the late Cantopop diva, Anita Mui, who was once likened to Asia’s version of Madonna. I guess that it’s because she is still so revered, the bank have allowed the protest to remain.

Still, it’s an interestingly incongruous sight in Central. In fact, when I passed by later that evening someone was using it as a set for a fashion shoot.


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