D-Day cometh…

Steve McCurryToday, Canon announced the launch of the 5D Mark III, the much-anticipated update to that workhorse camera used by many pros worldwide. So, good news for me as I happen to use Canon digital camera equipment.

But where the good Lord giveth, he also taketh away. It’s the same week that Kodak announced that it was discontinuing three colour tranny films, including my all time favourite for food, landscapes and pretty much anything – Ektachrome E100G 120.

So does that mark the final slide into oblivion for Kodak and film itself? I’d like to think not, although the above caption seems to sum up the overarching sentiment amongst many. And that’s from Steve McCurry, the photojournalist who shot National Geographic‘s iconic ‘Afghan Girl’ cover on Kodachrome. It was taken from McCurry’s retrospective exhibition in London last September at Chris Beetles Fine Photographs on Swallow Street.

Maybe film will just become to photography what vinyl is to music – a nostalgic comfort blanket appreciated by the analog anoraks.

So the big question this weekend is, do I pre-order the 5D Mark III or buy a chest freezer and stockpile all the E100G 120 I can get hold of…?


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